Project Description

  • The front entrance of the Rolla Building was lowered to provide ADA accessibility. Photographs by Deanna Dikeman.
  • The basement classroom adds educational space to Missouri University of Science and Technology’s Math Department.

Rolla Building at Missouri

University of Science and Technology

The Rolla Building at Missouri University of Science and Technology offered PWA quite a design challenge. This 125-year-old building had been modified over the years to the point of inefficiency. There are people who might be ready to relegate the graceful structure to the wrecker’s hammer, but there are those who can recognize value and quality (along with potential) in an older building. PWA has this ability.

To give this historic building new life, the entire interior was gutted, down to the basement floor. Entire floors were removed, some raised or lowered to make room for the technologies and safety codes of today. New stairs, elevators, air conditioning, and all the other amenities, which make today’s buildings functional and comfortable, were incorporated into this renovation.

This nineteenth-century building is now prepared to proudly face its third century of service. Many of today’s buildings may not be able to match this record, which adds support to the old axiom – they don’t build them like they used to!

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Rolla, Missouri

Project Type:
Higher Education Facility, Historic Renovation

16,580 sq. ft.

Construction Cost:


“I have found PWA responsive, competent and dedicated to completing the project correctly and on schedule.”
Ms Beth Asbury, Design Project Manager, University of Missouri-Rolla