Planning & Design for Parks & Recreation Facilities

Parks and Recreation departments and communities in general have numerous challenges, which generally include the following factors and issues:

  • The increase in population and hence, the increase in potential users of any facility.
  • Changing demographics, i.e., a larger component of elderly/retired users.
  • Cultural factors, i.e., diverse minority groups with their own specific needs.
  • Delivery of leisure services is often insufficient in larger cities.
  • Availability and means of access to any facility.
  • Availability and cost of energy.
  • Status of the economy, i.e., how much people can spend on recreational activities.
  • Social changes, i.,e. family patterns, loss of primary group contact, increase in the rate of crime, etc.
  • Changing nature of jobs and occupations, both qualitative and quantitative.
  • Need for new programming concepts in department resources.
  • Increasing public awareness of our environment.
  • Finding innovative means of financing projects.

For over four and a half decades, PWA has worked with state and local agencies to address these issues and has provided design solutions that work to:

  • Preserve both our natural and cultural heritage.
  • Educate our communities about our environment and how to preserve it.
  • Provide innovative avenues for recreation.
  • Improve facilities to address ADA and maintenance issues.

While each project is unique, the knowledge and experience gained from our previous projects allow us to accommodate and even anticipate the needs of our clients.