Project Description

Beulah Ralph Elementary School, Columbia, Missouri.


Battle Elementary School, named for Columbia educator Dr. Eliot Franklin Battle, is Columbia’s 20th elementary school.

Location: Columbia, Missouri
Size: 89,000 sq. ft. on 36 acre site
Completed: July 2016
Construction Cost: $16 million

Beulah Ralph Elementary School, Columbia’s 21st elementary school, was developed in an effort to address overcrowding in other schools such as Mill Creek Elementary School, eliminate the need for trailer classrooms, and reduce class sizes. Named for Beulah Ralph, a Columbia educator for 58 years, the school is located off of Scott Boulevard on the southwest side of Columbia. This is the second school to use the prototype developed for Battle Elementary School.

The school’s groundbreaking was in October of 2014 and construction was completed in July of 2016 at a construction cost of $16 million.

The school, which accommodates up to 450 students, has been outfitted with many innovative features including:

  • A studio classroom with a one-way mirror for teachers in training to watch a “master teacher” at work.
  • Classrooms furnished with temperature-controlled computer storage cupboards for student laptops and iPads.
  • An energy-efficient heating/cooling system
  • Classroom lighting operated by sensors
  • Parking, playgrounds, stormwater facilities, and a commercial kitchen.

As lead architect for the project, PWA worked with ACI Boland and Columbia Public Schools throughout the design process. The process, which began in 2012, included programming, work sessions, spatial relationship diagrams, and schematic design through Construction Administration.