Multi-family Residential

Rendering of residential apartments at College and Walnut in Columbia, Missouri.

Rendering of apartments at College and Walnut in Columbia, Missouri.

Multi-family residential housing is an investment for the owner. It is a home for the resident, and a part of the public realm of any community or campus. There are many reasons for multi-family housing. These include cost savings, energy-efficiency, less maintenance, short-term living quarters, more efficient land use, and convenience to work or school. In every case there is an advantage to good design and sound construction.

Residential Projects:

  • Autumn Ridge Condominiums | Jefferson City, MO
  • Boys and Girls Town | Columbia, MO
  • Broadway Village Apartments | Columbia, MO
  • Brookside Downtown | Columbia, MO
    1. – Walnut and College Apartments
      – Tenth and Locust Apartment Complex
      – Tenth and Elm North Apartment Complex
      – Tenth and Elm South Apartment Complex
      – East Locust Apartment Complex
      – West Locust Apartment Complex and Parking Structure
      – Walnut Apartment Building
  • Butterfield Youth Services Residential Hall | Marshall, MO
  • Candlelight Terrace | Columbia, MO
  • Canal Street Senior Courtyard Housing | St. Charles, MO
  • Columbia Housing Authority | Columbia, MO
  • Edgewater Condominiums | Columbia, MO
  • Forest Villiage Apartments | Columbia, MO
  • “Greenbriar Creek” | Columbia, MO
  • Hunt Ridge Place Condominiums | Columbia, MO
  • Lenoir Memorial Home | Columbia, MO
  • Kitty Hawk Apartments | Columbia, MO
  • The Meadows | Columbia, MO
  • Mexico Housing Authority Renovations | Mexico, MO
  • NewTown | Columbia, MO
  • RAIN 8-plex Apartments | Columbia, MO
  • Sunset Cove Condominiums | Lake of the Ozarks, MO
  • Williamsburg Townhouses | Columbia, MO

Emergency Homeless Shelter Groundbreaking

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Welcome Home, Inc., mid-Missouri's only emergency homeless shelter for Veterans, broke ground on its new site today. The groundbreaking was made possible by private fundraising from multiple individuals, companies and foundations, including a $ 1.5 million donation from the employees of Veterans United Home Loans.