Project Description

  • The sloping site of the Beach Change House at Thousand Hills State Park in Kirksville, Missouri is used to great advantage to provide an unobstructed view of the lake.
  • Visitors can rent boats and purchase supplies in the multifunctional Boat Rental Operations Building at Thousand Hills State Park in Kirksville, Missouri.
  • The petroglyph shelter, designed by PWArchitects, Inc. stands upon one of the thousand hills for which the park is named. Inside are Native American rock carvings which the building protects.

Thousand Hills State Park

During the warm summer months, Thousand Hills State Parks is a favorite recreation spot for locals and visitors alike. The expansive lake offers plenty of space for swimming, boating, and fishing.  Materials for the construction of the each project were chosen to harmonize with the natural settings and other buildings located within the park.

The beach changing house serves a number of functions in addition to providing the deck for the park. Primarily, the facility consists of toilets, showers, temporary storage, and changing spaces for park visitors. It also contains concession space from which one may purchase food or supplies.
Adjacent to the bank of Forest Lake, this park facility takes advantage of a sloping site, which allows the observation deck a beautiful, unobstructed view of the beach front and the lake beyond.
Positioned in a prominent Forest Lake location with the serene surroundings of Thousand Hills State Park, this shelter provides an effective and attractive enclosure for the park’s petroglyphs — rock formations containing historic Native American carvings. The shelter allows park visitors to view the carvings while protecting them from erosion, inclement weather, and vandalism. The building’s octagonal shape provides an organized path that encircles the rocks. Spaced at equal intervals along the path are graphic signs that present information about the carved formations.
this boat rental operations building provides a functional and aesthetic shelter for a variety of park functions including boat rental and repair, bait sales, tackle and gear sales, offices, laundry, and restrooms. To add interest to the interior, trusses and duct work are exposed and a symbolic reference to ships and boats is utilized. The building is split into several main areas – the laundry facility for campers, retail area, boat maintenance garage, bait area and restrooms. All are connected but each has its own entrance for convenience. Central to the facility is a multi-purpose area for a variety of sales and meeting functions.

Kirksville, Missouri

Project Type:
Parks and Recreation Facility