Project Description

  • Missouri Credit Union in Columbia, Missouri.
  • Light-colored materials, banners and a light shelf help to illuminate the interior of Missouri Credit Union in Columbia, Missouri.
  • Located on major thoroughfares, the Missouri Credit Union in Columbia, Missouri is situated on the site to provide multiple entry points and convenient access for drive-through banking.
  • While providing the Missouri Credit Union site with a pleasant, more natural environment, the landscaping and rain gardens help filter contaminants and pollutants before they enter the storm water system.

Missouri Credit Union

Columbia and Jefferson City, Missouri

Project Type:
Financial Institution

3,500 sq. ft. at each location

Construction Cost:
$1.1 million at each location


“The building has been well received by our staff, and customers and its success has allowed our company to expand our service to mid-Missouri customers with two additional branches in Jefferson City. The consistent visual aesthetic of each branch facility combined with our commitment to environmentally conscious development (and a branding campaign) has strengthened our image and position in the community.”
Hal James, Missouri Credit Union