Project Description

  • Boone County Fire Protection District Lake of the Woods Fire Station 1.

Lake of the Woods Fire Station 1

Boone County Fire Protection District

The Lake of the Woods Fire Station, best exemplifies the firm’s philosophy in small Fire Station design. Within it’s 7,654 square feet of enclosed space, you will find all the required functions for a station of this size including four bays for vehicular apparatus. To promote energy efficiency and give the apparatus area a lighter touch, there are 16 glass lights in each bay door.

Other amenities of the station include a lounge, a day room, and a kitchen. These areas are separated from the sleeping areas by fire walls. In addition, the sleeping areas are subdivided into two areas by similar construction, resulting in good sound attenuation. There are eight bedrooms, with separate toilet facilities for men and women. In order to blend with the rural, residential appearance of the neighborhood, the exterior finishes are brick and horizontal lap siding, both commonly found in home construction. Only the high pitched, colored metal roof makes it stand out as something other than a residence. So along with receiving the peace of mind of a neighborhood fire station, the residents also receive a building that looks as if it was there all along.

Columbia, Missouri

Project Type:
Public Safety Facility, Emergency Services

7,643 sq. ft.

Construction Cost:

January 2001

Facility Highlights:

  • 4 apparatus bays
  • Lounge
  • Day room
  • Kitchen
  • 8 bedrooms
  • Separate toilet facilities for men and women.