Project Description

  • Grant Elementary Addition, Columbia, Missouri.
  • Grant Elementary Addition, Columbia, Missouri.
The addition to Grant Elementary School is currently in the design phase.

Location: Columbia, Missouri
Size: 16,600 sq. ft.
Est. Completion: 2018
Est. Construction Cost: $5.2 million
Role: Architect of Record

Columbia Public Schools Grant Elementary School Addition and Renovation will be a two-story addition on the South end of the existing classroom wing that will include 3 general classrooms as well as Art, Music, Pre-school, Kindergarten, ELL, and SPED classrooms.  The gym at Grant currently doubles as the cafeteria and the kitchen is in major need of upgrades and doesn’t support the school’s mission of fresh food daily. To meet this need, the addition will include a new kitchen and cafeteria freeing up the gym for physical education activities and assemblies. The recent change in the local building codes requires schools to include storm shelters. The new addition will use the new cafeteria area as the storm shelter for the building.

The addition will have an elevator and another one will be added to the original building making it accessible.  The existing restrooms, lounge, and main office will all be renovated and, in some cases, enlarged to better accommodate the staff and building users.  The building fire alarm system will be upgraded and a fire suppression system added.

At approximately 16,600 sq. ft., the addition will result in a reduction of 4 trailers starting August 2018.  The Eco Schoolhouse will not be affected by this project and will remain for instructional purposes.

The construction budget is approximately $5.2 million.  Construction is expected to start in June of 2017 and be completed by August 2018 in time for fall classes.