Project Description

  • The track surface at the University of Missouri is a combination of red polyurethane and black rubber.
  • Audrey J. Walton Stadium Complex at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
  • The back-to-back seating offers an innovative solution, allowing each to share a central ticketing facility, press box, and concession area.
  • The entrance to the complex features a theme park feel and intensifies team spirit.
  • The University of Missouri softball stadium.
  • The University of Missouri softball stadium.

Audrey J Walton Stadium Complex

University of Missouri

Audrey J Walton Stadium was challenging to program and design.  The stadium required facilities for an already existing track, soccer, and softball areas, as well as other track and field competitive events. The fields were adjacent to each other. One stadium facing in one direction would not solve the problem, but a modified form of back-to-back stadia would.

To keep crowds controlled but fully serviced, this unique stadium solution allows the University of Missouri fans to enjoy events. A landscaped plaza provides an almost theme park entrance to the complex. This pleasant entry is enclosed with brick piers and a decorative steel fence.

In keeping with the goals of today’s society, both stadia are completely accessible to all. Even the press box level meets accessibility guidelines. Additionally, the lines of sight were carefully studied, as well as the effect of the sun at certain times of the day, to assure that each fan gets “the best seat possible.”

Accolades of “a world class facility” and “what a joy” have been continually reiterated. The usual constraints associated with any project were present, but a dedicated team of client, architect, consultants and contractor coordinated a project to not only meet challenging goals but to surpass them.

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Columbia, Missouri

Project Type:
Sports Facility, Track

9,000 s.f.

Construction Cost:


“I remember when I first saw the design I thought it was the smartest thing I had ever seen.”
Rick McGuire, Ph.D., former Head Coach, Track and Field, University of Missouri