Recently the Hawthorn Chapter of the Missouri Native Plant Society recognized and honored the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church with the Hawthorn Award for fulfilling its commitment to native plants in the landscaping of the new conference center, especially creating a native wetland area to reduce runoff into Hinkson Creek.  With volunteer help, the church has created a 99% Missouri landscape that is functional and lovely, full of life and color.

According to the Grow Native website, “native plants are a good choice for landscaping whether you have one-fourth acre in the city, four acres at the edge of town or 40 acres in the country. Increasing environmental awareness, a desire to connect with nature on a personal level, and limited time to devote to home landscape and land management projects are reasons to turn to natural landscapes for inspiration.”

A diverse landscape with many native plant species:

  • Supports abundant animal life
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Offers year ‘round interest
  • Features plantings that are less vulnerable to destructive insects and diseases
  • Needs a few additional inputs such as fertilizer or chemical pesticides.

PWA is fortunate to have our very own master naturalist on staff. Suzanne Wright, a member of Boone’s Lick Chapter of the Missouri Master Naturalists, serves as a resource for clients interested in creating rain gardens and landscaping with Missouri natives. Additional information about landscaping with natives can be found on the landscape design page and on the following websites: