Project Description

  • Missouri Conference Office of the United Methodist Church.
  • Triangular design elements of the front entry, atrium and clerestory windows break up the horizontal lines of the building, enlivening the form as well as the function of the building.
  • The multipurpose meeting room of the Missouri Conference Office of the United Methodist Church.
  • The rain garden at the Missouri Conference Office of the United Methodist Church.
“Being good stewards of available resources is an important value for our organization. PWA certainly helped us incorporate environmental values into our building design.”
Reuben Wilbur, former Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services, Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church
Working closely with the local and statewide representatives and staff of the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church, PWA developed a functional, energy efficient and environmentally sensitive design for the Missouri Conference office which is located in the sensitive Hinkson Creek watershed.

Location: Columbia, Missouri
Sq. ft.: 16,0000
Completed: 2006

  • To maximize green areas and mitigate storm water runoff, parking for the building was laid out to drain inward to a “bio-retention” or rain garden area.
  • The glass front entrance to the building faces south, which maximizes southern solar exposure.
  • The exterior is landscaped with native plants and includes earthen berms to minimize exposure to north winds.
  • Occupied office spaces are located on the exterior walls of the building to maximize views.
  • Operable windows in offices open to the south to allow for prevailing summer breezes.
  • Clerestory windows let natural daylight deep into the interior space of the building.
  • Energy-efficient HVAC and lighting increases the overall efficiency of the building.
  • Environmentally sensitive materials were specified including linoleum, a rapidly renewable resource, Forest Stewardship Council certified lumber and urea formaldehyde-free oriented strand board for the roof and wall sheathing.
  • Flyash in the concrete reduced the amount of required Portland cement
  • Recycled materials were selected for the counter tops and toilet partitions.
  • The exterior roof cladding is standing seam metal manufactured with over 90 percent recycled content.