Cedar Ridge Elementary School – Columbia Public Schools

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Project Description

  • Rendering of Cedar Ridge Elementary, Columbia Public Schools, Columbia, Missouri.

New Cedar Ridge Elementary School – Columbia Public Schools

Students of the existing Cedar Ridge Elementary School will have a new home soon – one that has multiple sets of bathrooms, a cafeteria with commercial kitchen and playgrounds. What it won’t require are mobile classroom trailers. With more than five times the space of the existing Cedar Ridge Elementary School, the new school will be just a mile and a half away from the school’s current location.

As part of a 2014 bond election, District voters approved the $22-million building as part of Columbia Public Schools’ 10-year plan to address growth and overcrowding. As lead architect for the project, PWA worked with the District and consultants to solidify the design, which will mirror the design of Eliot Battle and Beulah Ralph elementary schools. The new location will have a capacity of 650 students but will start off with about 450 students in its first year.

The existing Cedar Ridge elementary school had been at overcapacity for several years and utilized seven trailers for classrooms and multipurpose areas. The 40-year-old building only had one set of bathrooms for students, and at any given time there were usually more students in trailers than in the school building, according to the school’s principal Angie Chandler.

Along with more classrooms and improved facilities, the new school will feature a cafeteria with a commercial kitchen and seating separate from the gymnasium, a fenced-in playground with a soft surface just for kindergartners. It also includes a makerspace room, a space that will allow students to integrate art with technology through different creative materials. Plans for the school include a teacher wellness room, separate from the teacher’s lounge, which will focus on mindfulness and give teachers and faculty a space to relax and de-stress.

Construction on the school began in the summer of 2016 and is anticipated to be completed by the fall of 2018.

Columbia, Missouri

Project Type:
Education Facility

89,000 sq. ft.

Est. Construction Cost:
$17 million

Est. Completion:
Fall 2018

Facility Highlights:

  • Currently under construction
  • Capacity for 650 students
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Cafeteria
  • Gymnasium
  • Makers space room
  • Playgrounds