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  • Planning & programming diagram.
  • Schematic Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Rendering of Youth Center at Broadway Christian Church in Columbia, Missouri.

Planning & Programming

The planning and design process of any facility involves many factors that require consideration. During planning meetings, which are a part of our team’s design collaborative process, many solutions are discussed, some discarded, and others kept. This discovery process ultimately leads to a greater understanding of an organization’s needs and objectives, which is the solid foundation upon which facilities are built.

  • Typically during this process we develop plans, charts, graphs and estimates that help clients make educated decisions about their anticipated facility needs.
  • We can use interactive CDs, study and detailed models, a website, and 3-D computer generated fly-through models to help enlist the backing and support of stakeholders.
  • Additionally, presentations are a way for the team to inform clients and other stakeholders of the project’s progress and resolve any pending issues.

These communication tools give the team an opportunity to educate interested parties about the issues associated with the project and obtain feedback. Decisions are verified. Adversity is diminished. The nuances of organizational issues are learned, and the planning and design process is expedited.