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  • Missouri Conference Office of the United Methodist Church landscape design.
  • Rain gardens and examples of urban conservation practices are incorporated outside of the Missouri Department of Conservation regional office in Columbia, Missouri.
  • While providing the Missouri Credit Union site with a pleasant, more natural environment, the landscaping and rain gardens help filter contaminants and pollutants before they enter the storm water system.

PWA works with Master Naturalists who coordinate the following landscape design services:

  • Contract Management “total package” where PWA oversees the design, construction, and installation of the entire project;
  • Coordination of the plant selection and design.
  • Design Consultation, where PWA provides landscape planning and design expertise at an hourly rate.

Landscape Design

A vital and often overlooked part of any project is the landscape design. At PWA, we strive to create inspired spaces that harmonize with a building’s style, structure, and purpose. There are a number of professional services we can provide to help us accomplish the overall goals of our clients, but some examples of project types include:

  • Site and/or campus master planning and design
  • Sustainable design that may include native planting and stormwater management techniques such as rain gardens and treatment wetlands.
  • Parks, botanical gardens, greenways, and nature preserves
  • Recreation facilities; i.e.: playgrounds, and sports facilities
  • Housing areas and commercial developments
  • Urban design, town and city squares, pedestrian schemes, and parking lots
  • Nature Center Campuses and historical landscapes conservation
  • Environmental assessment and landscape assessment and planning advice.
  • Ecological Design any aspect of design that minimizes environmentally destructive impacts by integrating itself with natural processes and sustainability