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Bradley WrightPrincipal Emeritus
A founding Principal of PWA, client satisfaction has always been a strong guiding force throughout Brad Wright’s professional career. In over 46 years of Architectural practice, he has developed valuable professional relationships with a wide array of clients, consultants and contractors, and is held in high regard for his knowledge of design and construction. An avid outdoorsman, he has a keen appreciation of the environment and Natural Order and strives to apply environmentally sensitive and balanced solutions to all design and construction issues.



Kansas State University, Bachelor of Architecture, 1973

Registered Architect in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, North Dakota, Wyoming, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Nebraska; NCARB Certified for registration throughout theĀ United States.

He has ridden the MS 150; hiked the Grand Canyon, Appalachian Trail and climbed the highest mountain in Colorado.
“Almost every day, instead of going to school, I made for the fields, where I spent my day.” – John James Audubon
Duck hunting, wetland preservation, and spending time with his grandkids.

Some of His Most Recent Work Is Featured Below.