School Facility Planning and Design

School Facilities 2018-02-15T15:08:51+00:00

For today’s school facilities, our vision is to develop architecture that is adaptable to new technologies, flexible for innovative learning strategies, and responsive to academic and extracurricular activities. PWA can help you explore innovative educational facility design with programs, facilities, and systems that make your learning environments successful.

The design of school facilities are an investment in your student’s future:

  • Flexible and Dynamic Studio Learning Environments
  • Technology/Teleconferencing Resource Centers
  • Science Discovery Centers for Small Group Learning
  • State-of-Art Athletic Facilities
  • Outdoor Classrooms for Hands-on-Learning
  • Designs for Safety and Security
  • Sustainable Learning
  • Environments that require less energy usage, conserve water, minimize waste and improve the learning experience for building users and visitors.