Renovation & Restoration

The PWA team completed a renovation of Switzler Hall, located on the Francis Quadrangle at the University of Missouri.

Architecture that has stood the test of time is worth preserving. PWA has been honored to work on many of the most historic structures in mid-Missouri. The Rolla Building – Missouri University of Science & Technology’s oldest building and the Residence on the Francis Quadrangle at the University of Missouri both date from the mid-1800s. As well as being on the National Register of Historic Places, they are a reminder of our history and beliefs. Renovation of these historic buildings required a delicate balance between historic character and modern convenience.

Often buildings can lose their functionality over time due to deterioration or changes in ownership and purpose. Renovating and reusing these buildings can be a great way to capitalize on an existing location, but they can come with a fair amount of challenges. They require a thorough analysis and understanding of a multitude of criteria prior to determining the most appropriate design solution. With the knowledge and experience gained from similar projects the PWA team is able identify and define issues that may impact the overall outcome of a project. We understand the critical importance and value of verifying existing conditions. We acknowledge that even great designs based on inaccurate foundations can lead to failure. Working closely with clients, we wade through the challenges and opportunities to arrive at creative, functional and cost effective design solutions.

Switzler Hall Renovation – University of Missouri

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The renovation of Switzler Hall at the University of Missouri involved gutting the interior of the 20,759 gross square foot, four-level brick building and using a unique shoring system to support the exterior walls of the building from the inside while simultaneously reconstructing the building’s interior.