Design: Measure Twice, Cut Once

I believe most of us can appreciate the old adage to measure twice, cut once.  Certainly anyone who has taken a cooking, sewing or shop class understands that taking the time to prepare means fewer surprises, less drama and reduced waste. For architects, though, actual measurement begins long before breaking out the measuring tape to take stock of a space.  While we might research a potential client to find out a representative set of goals or needs, the real measurement occurs when we sit down with a client to learn the individual goals and needs for their organization and/or for their particular project.

Design Process:

At PWA, this “measurement” is part of a collaborative process which occurs not just twice, but many times throughout the design process.  It is an interactive conversation with not only clients, but with many consultants, contractors, and other stakeholders.  Over the years it has proven the best way to get projects off to a good start, to ensure that clients are satisfied and that projects stay on track.