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Conversation: The Windows are Open

What better way to begin our very first blog entry than with a classic photo from the PWA archives of Nick Peckham and Brad Wright, founding Principals of PWA, sitting on a window ledge having a conversation. They might be talking about architecture, or perhaps dogs, ducks, or even how to save the planet.

Potential captions about their conversation:

  • “Wow! This is “a great view of downtown Columbia.”
  • “I really wish you would stop coming out here. I’m afraid of heights.”
  • “I bet my dogs shed more than your alpacas.”
  • “Man it is beautiful out here. Do you think they’ll notice if we don’t come back in?”
  • “How about we save the world one building at a time.”

Regardless, I bet they had an interesting one on one conversation with the windows open – perfectly symbolic of the way we we work at PWA.


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