Step away from the computer…

Solutions often come when you take a break, focus on another task, and return with a widened perspective.  Also, it never hurts to get a little exercise. You never know who you might run into on the trail, in the gym or just taking a walk around the neighborhood.  Actually, it is quite common to hear Brad Wright say as he’s going out the door ‘Going for a walk around the block.’  Whether it is to get in a little mid-day exercise or to take a much needed break and get some fresh air, he is not alone in the need to step away periodically from what is all consuming and perhaps find a little perspective.  Sometimes those walks have added benefits like a fresh cup of coffee from around the corner or a bowl of ice cream from the shop down the street.  We are lucky that in downtown Columbia, Missouri we have much to enjoy within walking or biking distance and even luckier when we meet someone we know along the way.  So go ahead, put down that electronic device, step away from the computer and get to the business of reconnecting.  Your heart and mind will thank you.  See you ‘round the corner!

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About the Author:

As a photographer and marketing coordinator, Dawn focuses on developing the marketing efforts of the firm. Her graphic design, photography, and database design skills are put to good use with efforts that include the firm’s website, print and social media. She’s been known to offer assistance to organizations such as the local chapter of Ducks Unlimited and Columbia’s annual Art in the Park Festival. As coordinator of the firm’s Tenth Street Window Gallery she especially enjoys the interaction with upcoming and established local artists.