Communication: Keep it level and plumb

  • Communication: Keep it level and plumb

Communication: Keep it level and plumb

Finding the right balance can be tough.  Sometimes it is better to take a step back and reevaluate before jumping in with both feet. The terms ‘level’ and ‘plumb’ are so woven into the practice of design and construction that few projects are completed without their application.  Take communication for instance, itself a key component of any project.  It is just as important to be “on the level” and “straightforward with someone” in digital communications as it is in face to face conversations.  And yet, with email it is easy to rattle off messages where the tone and intent may be misinterpreted or worse an emotional response is prematurely sent.  The danger of this type of communication is that it is easy to write something that one wouldn’t think of saying in person. So if you find yourself in this position, try to keep your message level and plumb, and if possible follow-up your email with a phone call or face to face meeting.  At the very least you will confirm that your message was received and understood.

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As a photographer and marketing coordinator, Dawn focuses on developing the marketing efforts of the firm. Her graphic design, photography, and database design skills are put to good use with efforts that include the firm's website, print and social media. She's been known to offer assistance to organizations such as the local chapter of Ducks Unlimited and Columbia's annual Art in the Park Festival. As coordinator of the firm's Tenth Street Window Gallery she especially enjoys the interaction with upcoming and established local artists.

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